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art! ^3^ [Nov. 27th, 2005|10:24 pm]
Hurt/Comfort - fanfiction and fandom
[mood |ahh... one of mah fav piccys!!]
[music |living dead girl: rob zombie]

hello all. im very tired so i'll make it brief.

Title - a lost angel
Art Rating - G
Gen - no pairing
Summary -well, i had just seen the dps movie, and wanted to draw neil as an angel, but i SUCK at drawing wings, so i searched around for a good angel pic, and voila! my friend Ebony from www.theotaku.com  who has some AWESOME work, had one angel pic that struck me. so i used her's as a pose referance and went from there. (her's is cooler to me tho T_T) 
Complete? - yes
Personal Notes -i am very proud of this drawing, its done in SOLID INK... a bit of a "first" for me. but thats what ive been trying to do lately ^^ also, i only draw in the manga/anime style. if you dont like it, dont look, dont comment. simple, yes? ^_^
Link - cut
Work Safe? - yes... unless your boss/parents is scared of "sad/darkish" looking stuff?


got inspired by the dead poets society movie. its NEIL!!!! but, the original piccy is by Ebony from theotaku.com, i used hers as a referance amd such...... i just couldnt help it!! you rule Ebs! ^^ i just suck at drawing wings thats all T_T its a solid pen/ink pic! (well, cept for color ^^;;)